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Kent obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accounting, Cum Laude in 1995 and a minor degree in the Management of Information Systems (MIS).  He worked for a Certified Public Accounting firm in Defiance, Ohio for one year when he decided to go into business for himself. 

Having a love and desire for computers, Kent started Beilharz Consulting, Inc. in 1996 with the idea of helping small business owners with their computerized accounting systems.  Business started out relatively slow but grew steadily.  In the fall of 1996, Kent's Father, Terry Beilharz, needed someone full-time to take care of the accounting, payroll, and tax return filings for the then 30-year old Architectural firm.  Kent took the position with the firm while maintaining the clientele of Beilharz Consulting, Inc.  

Beilharz Consulting, Inc. grew slowly over a 10-year span with very little marketing, due to the nearly full-time duties with the family Architectural firm. In the 10-year span, Kent prepared over 1,500 personal, corporate, partnership and non-profit tax returns and consulted with each.   Kent is leaving his position at the family Architectural firm to pursue his entrepreneurial drive and to help other small businesses to grow and prosper while growing his own business.  

Kent currently prepares the payrolls, quarterly payroll, and yearly payroll reports for numerous small businesses, performs monthly accounting & tax functions, and consults a wide variety of businesses.  Partnering with his clients to provide the most cost effective information to run their business is key to Kent's success. 

A husband, father of two, and step-father to three children, Kent understands the most important things to a business-owner, his or her family.  Kent wants to give every business-owner the ability to spend more time with their family and less time doing accounting, financial analysis, payroll and tax returns. 


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